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A weekend at the sheep show

And what a weekend it was. I caught the train up on the Friday night, and Suzanne hosted the Richmond Knitters for cheese, knitting and pizza. 

The house that Kris organised for us was adorable, and it had a deck. After we were exhausted from sopping and seeing sheep we actually got to sit on the deck in the sun and knit and relax before dinner.

I am very pleased with my purchases. Pretty close to my list, with a heavy emphasis on Australian yarn (a lot of which is milled in New Zealand, but that's a blog post for another time).

I bought a  jumpers worth of 'Field of Dreams" for Leon, which is a Polworth, Suri and linen mix, milled in Australia.

A  jumpers worth of teal Millpost Merino, I love this colour so much, and will (probably)  make a Kildarton:

A jumpers worth of Bellevue Park merino 10ply for Chuck  (undyed, and I bought the dye to make it the colour I want) 

As planned, some Dyed by Hand  in smooth and mohair for Waiting for Rain,

And one random Ixchel in sparkle teal …
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Pre-Bendigo 2019

I like to check in with my stash before Bendigo, just to be sure I', aware of, and greatful for what I already have.

Pointless photo, because everything is in bags, but the Stash Box is half empty.

More meaningful is my Rav stash page:

Yep, 29 entries, I'm pretty pleased with it.

And meterage count, is 9397 meters which is the least I've had since I started counting! This excludes Left Over Sock Yarn, since I have no idea how much of it I currently have.

I don't have much of a shopping list for Bendigo, which doesn't mean I won't do a lot of shopping! I want some yarn for Waiting for Rain, probably including some Fluff from Purl Box, a jumpers worth for Leon and maybe a dress worth for me. I'd rather not buy sock yarn, I have plenty and I'd love to dye more.

Mainly I'm looking forward to hanging out with the Richmond Knitters and seeing some sheep.

I'll be back on Sunday with an update from my favourite weekend of the year.

Unravelled Wednesday - half way through July

Last week I misnamed my post "untangled Wednesday" and I do rather like the idea of untangling my week, rather than my week unravelling. Unravelled Wednesday is hosted by Kat, over at As Kat Knits

This has been a good week. I'm finally knitting a substantial project: Joji's Suburban wrap. it's a fun knit, with a bit of lace, and some stripes, then eyelets and a "texture" section, so it's always fun immediately and then it changes to something else equally fun.

I also finally got the buttons on to my Gidday Baby cardigan, and washed it. I also took new photos of it and the booties, although it's a bit big on this teddy. I was racing what light there is to get these photos. 

I got everything updated on my Ravelry project page. I was a few weeks behind, and I find it tricky when I'm knitting lots of little things, trying to keep track of dates and yarn amounts. I'm pedantic when it comes to tracking my projects and stash, so its nice to be a…

Soldonta finished

I finished my Soldonta crop last Sunday, blocked it and sewed in the (many, many) ends. I was worried about wearing it, because it's a very strange style, but Rachel put up a post on how to style these kind of garments. Basically over a dress:

 Or over high pants. I actually did two photo shoots, because I wanted to show it both ways. I like it better over the trousers.

 I love these trousers, but have had a lot of trouble styling them, since the waist is so high, and the bow makes anything over it look odd. I love the colours that Sonia picked for me. It's a mix of Pear Tree, Jo Sharp and Little Dipper yarns, and I just think it's delightful. It was such a quick knit (5 days!) and only weighs less than 200 grams, so probably less work than the average pair of socks. I'm so looking forward to wearing it at Bendigo with my other Soldonta friends!

Perfect yarn for the Suburban Wrap

I decided I HAVE to knit Joji Locatelli’s suburban wrap, and it HAS to use this beautiful lilac alpaca that Katie gave me. Since it’s a three colour shawl, I was excited to be able to use the light green sparkle yarn I won in the Richmond Knitters sOctober 'how many socks can you knit" competition last year.. The third colour needed to be dark, and I have a couple of colours in stash that would work well, like a very normal Bendigo Woolen Mills grey. Yes, that would work, but it’s so dull, and I’ve got it (and about 7 other balls) earmarked for socks for Leon. I also had this, which Kris destashed my way a couple of weeks ago:

 Which was very, very bright. I thought it would be fun to overdye it. I wanted it dark, but with a bit of liveliness to it, and preferably not brown, so I threw it on a dye bath with navy:

 I'm really happy with how it came out, it's got depth and nuance and lots of different colours in there, and it's nice and dark and will look perfect wit…

A cry for help

My brother in law Keiran sent me a desperate message on Friday. His mitts were broken and they are unfixable. He also sent me a photo. It looked as if he has worn through the cast off edge, and they are starting to disintegrate from there. I found the leftovers of the original yarn in my stash box and repaired them. Still, I made them in 2016, he's worn them pretty constantly and I figured he deserves new ones. I got him to try on my Tough and Toasty mitts, and they were good on him. I pulled out a leftover 33 grams (85 meters) of Woobu from the stash box. the pattern should take 75 meters, so I decided this game of yarn chicken was worth it. And it was, except when I finished them I had plenty of yarn left over, and they were rather small. 
Also, while I was trying them on to check the size I realised I had made the second mitt wrong: sometimes Knit Night is not the most productive! Since I had to reknit the top half of one glove, I took the opportunity to make them both bigger. …

Untangled Wednesday - The one where it's really Tuesday

Good morning. I'm publishing this on Tuesday, because I really love taking part in Untangled Wednesday but this week my blogging schedule works better this way. it's all the same in the end, since, like last week, the week before and the week before that - I'm in between projects. Since last week I finished the baby booties, and started and finished a Soldonta Crop, which is currently drying after it's bath. I do still have to put the ends in as well.

Today I am knitting blanket squares again. I am about to start a hat for Rachey - she lost her commercial one and asked for a pink slouch beanie. She was all apologetic about it, because she couldn't find what she wanted in the shops. NO, just ask me. I love knitting for me friends, and Rachey is totally knitworthy. Anyway, I bought this stunning pink Manos yarn, and am really looking forward to knitting it up.

I've worked hard over the last couple of years to get my stash down, but it's only now that I'm r…