Monday, November 14, 2011

FO: Last chance cardigan

I named my Rosumund cardigan the Last Chance Cardigan because I felt it was my last chance to knit something in 10 ply before summer arrives. At some points in knitting it felt like my last chance to prove my proficiency as a knitter. Despite a well written, easy to follow pattern I struggled at points. I accidentally made the cable differently from that in the pattern. I was consistent and it looks fine, and once again I am reminded that knitting under the influence can have unexpected consequences. Then I decided to do the cable pattern around the bottom edge. I completed it, cast off and tried it on, at which point I realised that the cables make the bottom pull in very tight. Not flattering. I pulled it out and reknit the bottom.

As a finished product I think I like it, although it has come out more cute and less elegant than I was hoping for. I like the way it really is reversible and there are a number of ways to style it - done up only at the top,

only with the hooks and eyes, stocking stitch side out, reverse side out and of course I like having another green jumper. I also like the fact that today really is my last chance to wear a jumper, even a sleeveless one. Summer is well and truly on its way and for me the endless long hot sunny days more than compensate for not knitting and wearing jumpers for a season.

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  1. You've had your hair chopped off? Lovely cardi! :)