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A windy weekend

During last week, I knit a swatch for my September tights . I decided to make a substantial swatch, because these are a biggish project, and all numbers are based on the swatch. I cast on 60 stitches and knit ten grams of yarn. After I cast off I counted my gauge, and then  decided to wash it and see if it changed. i didn't care that much really, because I'm using Left Over Sock Yarn, so there are lots of different weights of sock yarn. I washed it, and on Saturday I put it out on the balcony to dry. When I went to get it it was gone! It must have gone flying away. we had a look on the street near my place, but it's gone. I can only imagine it floating away, to land in a suburban back garden and really confuse the person who finds it!

FO Friday - the lagoon in my living room

I'm not really one for decorating - I generally have a minimalist aesthetic, where I aim for my house to look like a cross between a hotel room and an operating theatre. But pandemic times are weird, and I find I have themed my living room. What happened was this: I always shower more than I should - between Crossfit and riding I tend to shower twice a day, but they are quick showers. During the pandemic, Leon and I noticed our showers are getting longer, and I'm taking more baths. We like the wet world . It's warm and safe and somewhere different to be.   The we needed a new rug, because ours had faded and we have three cats and I won't get in to it, and I found rug with a lake on it and tropical birds. And you know how I love a theme, so I bought this dress to float about in the lagoon.   Some new cushion covers to ensure there are enough birds at the lake. And I'm sure you know that there are waterfalls available on YouTube. I also got a themed case for my new