Friday, December 16, 2011

On stripes and gifts

I decided to put everything else aside and knit the gifts for my parents - after all I can finish the projectsl for myself anytime, but a handknitted gift is a timely thing. I went through the stash looking for 110 meters of yarn to use for my mother's slippers, but nothing grabbed me. Everything was either too short or mill dyed. When I look at commercially dyed yarn these days it just looks so flat and boring. I didn't really have time to dye something for her, so I took two skeins of hand spun that were not quite long enough and stripped them: I'm quite happy with how they came out and I am reminded - like I need to be - how satisfying knitting with my own handspun is.
For my father I am using yarn from the opposite end of the spectrum; self stripping yarn from Spotlight. Judge me not, I love Moda Vera Noir. It feels very like Opal except it is super cheap. And it wears like nothing on earth. My father has only one pair of handknit socks and he wears them all the time, so I'm going to make him socks for every present for a while so that he can rotate them and not wear them out, like he did the first pair I made him.

And if it seems like I might be obsessed with stripes, that's because I am.

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  1. Love those stripes!

    One more gift to knit for me, I think I'm going to downsize from a felted bag to a crochet night mask… I'm desperately needing to knit for myself…