Friday, March 2, 2012


Earlier this week I finished Alcone, another Romi Hill shall.

I apologise about the boring repetitious nature of what I'm about to write:

I love Romi Hill. Her shawls are well designed, the patterns are clearly written and the results are amazing.

I'm particularly pleased with this one, because I dyed it at the guild last year, spun it on my Ist Turkish Spindle, and knit it. So it's a trifecta: dyed, spun and knitted.

My only issue was I had almost half my yarn left over, and it seems like a waste, but this shawl is the perfect size to wrap around my neck like a florescent confection,

to brighten up a black outfit

or to accessorise a summer outfit.

The details are what make this shawl: the patterning, the wonderful shaping that makes it almost a scarf - a sharf? A scawl? Whatever I call it, it's wonderful.


  1. awesome! (meanwhile i also LOVE that dress!)
    may i suggest something for your niece with the leftovers? I think she'd love it! maybe some mitts or a hat?

  2. And you look gorgeous in it! :)