Thursday, August 30, 2012

No real knitting content, and a kitten

I don't have a lot to say about knitting in this post. I've been plugging away pleasantly at the body of Straboy. It looks almost exactly like it did last post, except a bit longer.
Aside from that I made the Matcha Biscuits from the August Cookie A shipment. They are subtle and it's hard to see in this photo, but they are green. Which makes sense, since they are green tea biscuits. 10 minutes after I started making them I got a call from my parents saying they were coming around, and they certainly seemed to enjoy them. Even if I haven't got around to knitting with the rather more vivid green yarn, at least I am playing along by baking the biscuits.

Also, and in more exciting news, we got a new kitten. She's a half Bengal, called Miss  Juniper (as an aside, we got her from the  Keysborough Animal Shelter who are wonderful and do a fantastic job of trying to match people with the right animals.)
 She's six months old and pretty well behaved. Still when there is yarn in front of her face, she just can't resist. I And, like the other cats, she takes every available opportunity to photobomb, so I expect we'll be seeing her in the back -and fore- ground of many of my photos.

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  1. Sharon she is SO cute!! that jumper is also going to be amazing when it's done!