Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I can see you coming, Winter

After I finished Leon’s jumper I decided to finish my winter set. I only had the scarf / shawl left and the unseasonably warm weather were having has ended, and I want to be warm, snug and matchy. As you all know, I love Susssana IC, and these curved style shawls, which start with the long lace edge and work back towards the simple garter short rows are my idea of fun. Hawthorne starts with 34 rows of lace and then its garter all the way. I cast on on Sunday and yesterday work sent me to Geelong, which was wonderful train knitting time, and I finished the lace section.  I wonder if I can get the garter section finished by the weekend? Leon and I are going away and it would be fun to be able to wear the set.

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