Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yarn-along, the one with the knitalong

Hey, it's Wednesday and, as always, that means it's Yarnalong with Ginny time. Pop along to her blog to find out what she, and the other yarn alongers are up to this week.

As you can see from the picture below this week, I'm reading... NOTHING. I finished  The Dead of Night earlier today, and I don't know what I'm going to read next. Any suggestions welcome in the comments. I'm knitting the Charade socks for the Little Dipper Yarns Knitalong.  I've finished the first one, and just done the ribbing on the second. Loving the yarn, loving the pattern, adoring the two together. 

I'm listening to War and Remembrance, the sequel to The Winds of War. I thought Iw ould want a break between the books, but actually I missed the characters and really want to know what happens to them. 

So that's me for another week. Now I just have to work out what I want to read before next week rolls around...


  1. I haven't been reading anything spectacular lately myself. Lots of knitting but not much reading. I really need to download something new from audible. Very nice sock you are working on!

  2. Lovely sock, I've only just begun my Color Affection for the knit-along.

    I enjoy seeing what you're up to each Wednesday.