Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is shopping the cure or the disease?

I used my Addi Clicks to knit Bathmat VII . There are really easy to put together, but the bluntness of them irritates me. I've been buying individual Addi lace needles, trying to convince myself that I don't need the Lace Clicks. The ones in the pretty case. The super pointy ones with the red cord, just like my favourite needles. Anyway, today I woke up with a really sore right wrist, which I attribute to too much knitting, and knitting with blunt needles. In a moment of weakness I slipped and bought the Addi Long Lace Clicks. I hope they get here soon, I already know what I want to knit on them first (Cria, by Ysola for those of you following along at home. Still I'm knitting a pair of mitts and hat hat and a pair of socks before I really, really want them, and usually packages get here in about ten days, so the timing should work out. No pictures of the finished bathmat yet, it's drying after being blocked

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