Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yarnalong - the one where something is missing

Here's my yarnalong photo for the week - can you spot what's not in the photo?
That's right, there's no knitting pictured! That's because I'm taking a break from my mother's slippers until I can knit at home. I'll be casting on a new pair of socks at the pub tonight, but they haven't been started yet. So, no knitting in the picture, although actually a normal amount of knitting is going on.
I'm listening to Redshirts   by John Scalzi, read by Wil Weaton. I love it when Will Weaton reads to me. That aside, it's not a bad novel, but it's a bit odd. If I wasn't a Star Trek fan I don't think I'd get it at all.
And I've just started reading Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie . Last week Ursula tweeted that she was reading the second book in the series, and I generally find her recommendations very good. I've just started it, and I'm still in that bit where I'm trying to understand the parameters of the world, but it's looking good. In a coincidence, John Scalzi provided the cover quote for this book.
And that's me for another week. Click through to Ginny's blog to see what she and the other yarnalongers are up to this week

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