Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vegan Balls

My friend Bee hosted a birthday party today, with the theme "balls". Why? I don't know. But there was ball music, and ball food and ball decorations.

To go with the theme I decided to make pompoms. Since Bee's a vegan I used cotton. I also discovered there are lots of easier ways to make them than the traditional "yarn through the centre of a piece of doughnut shaped card board" method. There is a method that involves wrapping the yarn around the fingers. It takes about five minutes to make a pom pom.

Leon made one:

I made one:

Then I made another one:

Then I made some more:

I couldn't stop:

I spent the last three days obsessively making pom poms.:

It was worth it to see the look on Bee's face when I gave them to her. One at a time, of course!

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