Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cranbourne coloured sheep show

Today was the barely publicised Coloured Sheep show in Cranbourne and Kate and I went to check it out. We had very few expectations, but figured even f it was a bit of a non-event we would have a fun road trip. 

Well, it exceeded all expectations. There were sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits to look at and pat.

There was a heavy emphasis on spinning, with loads of complete fleece for sale.

I was very restrained, but I did buy 200 grams of fibre from Beer and Skittles. It's two braids died the same colours, one with sparkle and one without.

I also bought the yarn for Kate Davies Epistrophe. I've been wanting to knit this out of White Gum Wool for a while, and being able to see the colours was very helpful.

 I decided on yarns that were quire tonally similar, while on line  I had been thinking about much more contrasting colours. So, a very fun, interesting day, and I got to pat a goat.

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