Friday, February 3, 2017

Memories and magic knots

I’m loving knitting my mother’s Adult Surprise Jacket. It’s squishy and floofy and every colour in the whole world. One unexpected pleasure has been knitting down memory lane.
All this old sock yarn  has memories attached. The other day I used up the remains of my first pair of socks- which were knitted before I joined Ravelly, so I can't even link to them! I’m currently holding together the yarn from a shawl I made for my mother and a pair of socks that wore out last year. It’s surprising to me how much of these leftovers have lasted longer than the things I knit from them originally. So many happy hours knitting with these yarns, and now they are giving me joy again, both through the knitting and through the memories.
A knot that will need tucking away
And from a practical standpoint, when I started knitting this Louisa suggested trying the magic knot.  Well, that was a revelation! While I wouldn’t use it for anything single stranded, and I certainly wouldn’t use it for stocking stitch and I would never, ever use it for socks, it is perfect for this project. The knots only take a second to do, they fade into the background and seem like they will last well. I am interested to see how they wear, but not overly concerned, since double stranding means even if one fails, the fabric of the jumper itself will be sound.
There are dozens of knots here, and I certainly can't spot them

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