Thursday, May 25, 2017

New flat!

Our house settled! This is very exciting. We got the keys on Tuesday night, and went over to check the place out. The view is exactly what I remember, and one of the main reasons why I want to live here:
That view. That sky. That wrap around balcony. It faces north, and I’m going to put a comfy chair out and sit and knit all summer.
I’ve always wanted an open plan kitchen and now I’ve got one.
Here’s a picture of the bathroom as it was on Tuesday night.
On Wednesday morning I gave the keys to the builder, and he has ripped everything out of the bathroom. We’re getting a brand new bathroom! I’ve never had a bathroom (or kitchen) that is younger than me, and I’m beyond excited.
I’ll be back with an update with what I’m knitting in a couple of days, but right now I’m going to look at my view and dream a little.

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