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Once apon a sock - the one with the court

I fibbed when I said that I wouldn't be casting on a sock until I finished Strathendrick. Two Sundays ago Leon and I were running and meeting some friends, and they came and picked up changes of clothes for us the day before, and I slipped in this unstarted sock project. After that I've just been knitting on it when its not worth bringing a huge jumper along - so mainly when I have coffee with my manager.

Today I went to do jury duty. I knew they might take my knitting, because the info they sent in preparation said "no knitting needles". I don't know what crazy damage they think knitters can do, that you couldn't do with a pen. Anyway, I also brought my turkish spindle, just in case. Due to some oddities - mainly that the security people had no idea what knitting looks like - they decided my spindle was knitting needles and confiscated it, but never questioned my knitting needles. So I knit in the jury waiting room, but only in a fairly circumspect manner. I did finish my first Sweet Tomato Heel. The sock is the same size as my other sports socks, but seems tighter. I'll do a full review of the construction once I've finished the second one and worn them.

As I like to do on the first Thursday of the month, I'm linking up with Paula, of Spin ayarn. I love seeing everyone else's monthly sock adventures. Come see what everyone else is knitting for their feet, or join in yourself. 


  1. Those are super cute! I love the colorway. What yarn are you using? I'm headed to find out what a "Sweet Tomato Heel" is. I've never heard of that construction and am intrigued.

    1. I believe it was designed by Kat Bordhi, and is known for using about two thirds of the stitches to create.

    2. Yep, Cat Bordhi. The colourway is "mind the gap" - it's got all the colours of the London Underground in it. I don't know who the dyer is, one of my friends gave me some of her leftovers.

  2. This is the joy of socks, so simple and easy to put in your handbag for whenever it's needed. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Sweet Tomato Heel. It's one I've thought about trying, but I've not found many reviews on what it feels like to wear.

    1. I think it will be good for sneaker liners - I often use the Fish Lips Kiss heel, but that can be a little short at the back.


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