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Untangled Wednesday - The one where it's really Tuesday

Good morning. I'm publishing this on Tuesday, because I really love taking part in Untangled Wednesday but this week my blogging schedule works better this way. it's all the same in the end, since, like last week, the week before and the week before that - I'm in between projects. Since last week I finished the baby booties, and started and finished a Soldonta Crop, which is currently drying after it's bath. I do still have to put the ends in as well.

Today I am knitting blanket squares again. I am about to start a hat for Rachey - she lost her commercial one and asked for a pink slouch beanie. She was all apologetic about it, because she couldn't find what she wanted in the shops. NO, just ask me. I love knitting for me friends, and Rachey is totally knitworthy. Anyway, I bought this stunning pink Manos yarn, and am really looking forward to knitting it up.

I've worked hard over the last couple of years to get my stash down, but it's only now that I'm regularly having to buy yarn for small projects. Still, that was the aim, Just in time yarn buying. Buy what I need, when I need it and knit it up immediately.... except when I go to a yarn show, or someone does a destash,or there is a huge sale or any of a thousand other situations.

In reading, I finished Expectation by Anna Hope. It didn't improve for me at all, you can find my review here. But, as a balm for that disappointment, I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's City of Girls, which is just marvellous. A charming book, with a charming narrator, after that I'm not sure what I'm going to read. Recommendations are always welcome.


  1. The pink yarn looks like it will be fun to knit. Hats are such a good summer knit. I have Gilbert's book on my list. I think I should take a page out of your stash management. I think it would be nice to get to the point of buying yarn when needed for a specific project. Although I don't buy quantities of yarn for sweaters unless I have a pattern and project in mind. I mostly have odds and ends of leftovers and fingering weight yarns - socks and shawls.

  2. Oh my! Your Soldotna is gorgeous! This cropped sweater bug has finally bitten me too! I cast on Heidi Kirrmaier's Early Bloomer yesterday!

    And, thank you for joining us!

    1. I hadn't seen Early Bloomer before - its stunning.


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