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Now I'm a food blogger and and influencer!

A couple of weeks ago, Katie posted on Instagram that she was drinking mulled cider. Yum. I said the Leon "Can we get some cider to make mulled cider?" and he pulled a surprise can out of the giant stack of craft beer in the study. We made it, I put this picture on Instagram and we drank it.

Young Henrys then contacted me and asked if they could use the  photo. Of course. And then they sent me a case of beer. So I got to use #gifted and felt like a proper influencer! By the way, I'm @sharondblk on insta, if you want to give me a follow over there.

As for being a food blogger, I got a copy of the book That Noodle Life by Mike Le and Stephanie Le. It's very well presented, informative and adorable. There is a whole page of haikus about different noodles types. And they are not snobby, the book goes from crayfish noodles all the way to ways to use instant noodles. I made the "secret ingredient noodles". The recipe was easy to follow (except that all measurements were in American. Butter comes in sticks or tablespoons apparently). 

It was very tasty and I served it with salad and kangaroo. Delicious. I recommend this book, and will definitly be trying some of the other recipes.  

Now I'm off to drink some of my hard earned beer, and maybe to read some more NetGalley review books, to really up my stakes as an influencer!


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Kate Davies is one of my very favourite designers. I have knit about 40 of her pattern over the years, and I generally like the way she writes her patterns. But sometimes she annoys the crap out of me.  I'm putting the button band of Kildalton and once again, I have to work out the ratios for myself because the pattern just gives a number, and I cropped it. As I ranted last time , just giving a number makes everything more difficult than giving a ratio. Also, there is no selve-edge stitch, and the cable goes right up to the edge, which means that the stitches are picked up from a wavy edge. I thought that was odd while I was doing the knitting , but made the mistake of trusting the pattern. All of that said, look how pretty those cables are. It's going to be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe - once I finish the button band and sleeves, so a little while to go yet, but putting aside my rant, it is a very enjoyable knit, and a well written pattern.

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