Friday, June 25, 2010

Saying goodbye to resin.

After I did this resin course I was inspired. I wanted to embed everything in resin – jelly babies, lollies, chillies, wool. I made a bangle with my first handspun. I made badges with sheep in them, bangles with cloth in them and random shapes with sparkles:

I really wanted to make coasters, but I struggled to find a mould big enough – silicon muffin tins turned out to be too small. Eventually I found a plastic artist’s palette. In my last resin session I poured into it and embedded chilli flakes, thinking that this would please Leon. Then I went all allergic, and Leon packed up the resin and I gave it to Bee. And that, you would think, would be the end of that.
But sitting on the table in the garage was the project, still in the mould. Wednesday was Leon’s birthday. I bought him a present, but thought he should have something handmade. I had to break the plastic to get the resin out, then I sanded down the edges and here they are:

Custom made resin coasters. The original plan was to make ones with coffee beans in them for my coffee mad friends, and ones with yarn in them for my yarnie friends. I had to give that up, because of the allergic reaction, but I was thrilled to be able to give these to Leon. And so I say goodbye to my experiments with resining, with a few scars, some new jewellery and no regrets.


  1. You make me want to make resin, I'm sorry your adventure was so short.

    Happy Birthday Leon!