Friday, January 6, 2012

Dying for change

I've been a bit restless of late. Before the Christmas season everything was starting to feel a bit routine. My weeks were feeling fairly repetitious, and even the things I love were getting a bit drab. I've sort of accidentally been trying to shop my way out of it, which never works, but at least I have a couple of new braids of pretty fibre in the stash.
It's hard to enact change or respond to this restlessness when everything is pretty much on track. There are no major changes that I'd want to make, but some small changes are making all the difference. One thing is I've started running (again). Now, I can't guarantee it will stick, but I've at it for the last two weeks, so it's looking strong. I'm training for Run for the Kids and am loving the new challenge.

I've been thinking about dying fibre to spin for some Romi Hill shawls for quite some time. Two things have been holding me back, laziness regarding hand painting and not being sure what colours I wanted. Last night I kettle dyed two lots of fibre: This is Mosley Park bfl / silk. I was aiming for a yellow with orange bits, and when I realised that wasn't going to happen I went for bold orange, which I feel I achieved.

This second lot, which is Polworth achieved my original vision.

I really love both of them. They came out fluffy and not at all felted, and I'm really excited to be making colours that are very different from my usual palette, satisfying my desire for something new and novel. Hopefully everything else will fall into place too. Maybe its just a matter of choosong yellow and orange, instead of pink and green. Hopefully...

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