Friday, June 1, 2012


Some people plan a holiday by booking accommodation, working out train and plane travel and deciding what to do when they get there. I have a husband who travels like that. I plan around one thing: knitting. So, Leon and I are heading of for Ireland, Portugal and England. My plane knitting is Laar by Gudrun Johnson, in some Wollmeise lace weight.
I expect this little cardigan will take most, if not all of trip, since it's lace weight and I'm making it with long sleeves and slightly longer through the body. If it doesn't the Cookie A sock club pattern will be waiting on my email and there will be plenty of opportunity to buy yarn.
Ahh shopping. If you recall, the last big trip I did was a bit bereft of yarn. The trip before that I went to Sock Summit 2009. This trip has a fibre focus, at least near the end. We're going to London, where I'm finally going to the Victoria and Albert Museum -    I can't believe I lived in London and never got around to going. I'm doing a London Yarn shop crawl with Jen,  and then heading up to the Lake District for Woolfest where there will be sheep! and Nicola! and general excitement.
This trip, unlike the last, we are not going electronics free for the month. I will be periodically checking emails, and I might even try to blog once or twice.
So that's me, signing off for the time being.


  1. ooh i love Laar!
    yay! yarn crawl! i'll try and plan the best order for us!
    and I absolutely LOVE the V&A so will happily go with you the other day i have off that you're here (19th, yes?)