Sunday, November 4, 2012

sOctober is over

Yesterday I finished my Kilvarock knee high socks. I basically enjoyed knitting these, although two and a half weeks of two my two rib with some cables thrown in became a bit wearing at the end. I think I'll get a lot of wear from these, they stay up better than any knee high I have made before, due to the design, which, instead of having a cuff, starts with a strip of cabled fabric knit sideways. It's an inspired idea, one I will make use of if I decide to design my own knee highs.

I did make some amendments to the pattern.
I added shaping down the back of the leg, otherwise I would have finished with an 82 stitch ankle, which really didn't seem like a good idea, I continued the pattern down the foot  as I'm most likely going to be wearing these around the house and not in shoes

and I did anatomically correct toes, since there is a definite right and left sock. 

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