Saturday, November 29, 2014

Teppic completed

Yesterday I finished the Teppic socks. These socks were the perfect combination of an easy to memorise pattern, but enough interest to stop them being boring. Last week was one of those weeks were I went everywhere, and these socks came with me. I cast on the first sock on a train to Ballarat, and finished it on a plane to Mildura. The second sock was a bit more mundane, but did come to Packenham and Northcote with me.

One of the things I've noticed about these Discworld socks is that the pictures in the patterns do not do them justice, and, in my opinion, the original yarn they were knit in is almost all far to busy for the patterns. This one has delightful detailing with a honeycomb pattern down the sides and a sort of broken rib down the front.

The Stranded in Oz yarn that I used for these did pool a little more than I expected, but I think the pattern stands out anyway. 

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