Monday, August 3, 2015


The Little Yellow Duck project is an initiative that involves knitting little yellow ducks and leaving them about the place with tags on them. People can then register them on the website. There is a particular focus on doing this is Australia in August, as the first week of August is "Donate Life Week" to raise awareness of organ donation. I thought this was a great idea and knit one up.

Then I knit some more.

 Now, I need to set them free, but I am terrified that they will be ignored, or throw out or that nothing nice will happen to them. It's making me a little bit anxious, but I really don't need a flotilla of knitted rubber duckies! Also, Juniper is a bit obsessed with them, so I'd best get them out of the house.

I will get it together to leave them places, and I will share photos here. Until then, I encourage you to think about organ donation, and let your family know your wishes.

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