Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yarnalong - the one where everything is different from last week

Unlike last week, this week everything is new and fresh.

As promised, I'm knitting a very pink Mimi Manu for my niece. That's the start of the first sleeve in the picture.

I'm reading  We are All Completely Fine by Daryl Gregory. I had not heard of it but Wil Weaton recommended it.  It's utterly compelling and I can barely top reading for long enough to write about it.

And I'm listening to the end of the Once and Future King series, The Candle in the Wind. It's all rather odd and I like it best when I am listening at work, as the story flows gently across my conciousness.

Ans that's me for another week of knitting and reading. Make sure you pop over to Ginny's blog to see what the rest of the yarnalong are doing this week.


  1. You're the second person this week to mention the Once and Future King series...I've got to check it out!

  2. that is such a great color! that will be a lovely sweater. :)

  3. It's fun to start a new something, I agree! Is that the book they based the recent movie on? It was sad.