Saturday, November 14, 2015

Epistropy complete

This weekend I finished my Epistrophy cardigan! It felt like it took a long time, but really it was only five weeks, and that included knitting the Seven Skeins project as well.

So, my thoughts.

The White Gum Wool is stunning and I will be knitting with it again.

Like all Kate Davies patterns, this one was well and clearly written, but I had to reknit the collar,and the left side still looks a little odd. I hope it will settle down after a little bit more wear.

I choose the music note tape top cover the steek, and I think it looks great.

I deliberately chose low contrast colours for the colourwork. I think it looks quite nice, but I would also like to make it in a higher contrast. Although I won't be reknitting this, both because I rarely reknit things and because of the issues with the fit.

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