Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yarnalong - the one where writting about things helps me decide what to do about them

I'm listening to All the Single Ladies and I can only describe it as terrible. It's non fiction and purports to be about "unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation". What it actually seems to be about is that it is better to be single than in a bad relationship. Which I agree with, but it's like the author cannot see a relationship where the couple grows together, or does things separately if they don't want to do the same things. It also doesn't seem to be written in any order, lacks structure and relies heavily on anecdata and presenting the author's thoughts as if they are facts. In fact, after summing it up here, I have decided not to waste my time listening to the second half.

I'm knitting Kate Davies' Goats mitts after finishing the hat this week. only they are coming out really big, so I'm going to rip back and start again, on 2.5 mm needles, rather than the 3.25 called for in the pattern.

I'm reading What is Visible by Kimberly Elkins and this, at least, I'm enjoying. It's the story of a deaf and blind woman in the 1800s, and it is well written, interesting and moving. 

As usual on a Wednesday I'm joining Ginny for the Yarnalong. Pop over to her blog to see what she and the rest of the Yarnalong peeps are up to this week.


  1. Ugh! I am getting so tired of books written that way.

    Your knitting, though, is wonderful!

  2. What is Visible sounds intriguing! Hope it's better than the audio you're listening to.

    Happy knitting!

  3. Crikey, I'd never have any relationships if I didn't get lots of time apart, don't think that book is for me either! I love the goats pattern, your colours are so pretty :)