Thursday, December 29, 2016


Over a month ago Kate raised this question:
  • the vast majority of knits we see on Instagram and Ravelry are new creations, fresh off the needles. What do those lovely knits look like after they’ve been worn for a while? Did the garter stitch section droop? Did that merino yarn pill? Did that dye fade? More so, I thought it was about time we cherished clothes that are looking a little worn in. With all this in mind, I’m introducing: the #mostworn blogalong.

It's taken me all this time to narrow it down to two projects, and I expect that I'll do a series of posts answering the question. To start with:

Pattern: Manyuk Cardigan
Yarn: Pear Tree 8 ply
Age:4 years

This cardigan didn't quite work. It was too casual -and warm -for work, and not something I would wear on the weekends. BUT it has made a fantastic house cardigan. I throw it over pyjamas (or house onsies, most often) on days that are cool, but not cold. The yarn has pilled a lot, but the cardigan has held its shape well.
Pattern: Tiptoe Thought the Tulips
Yarn: Various, mainly Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine 
Age: 6 years 
This is the pattern that launched the Sneaker Liner project, and they have worn awfully well. I know the intarsia on the right heel doesn't look great, but It could have been better to begin with. I've had lots a few sneaker liners shrink - even superwash ones - but these have worn and worn.

In the spirit of Kate's  original blog post, I nominate Rachel of Rewarding Memories, and Sonia of Sonia Knits to blog about thier #mostworn. 
If you would like to join in, please post about it on your blog or just put up an instagram pic, tagged #mostworn

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  1. Nice blog post. Challenge accepted ;) Just give me a few days