Thursday, February 23, 2017

More tools

After crocheting a cup cover last month, I knew I wanted to do more. There were two problems - what to crotchet, and why do I have 6 4.5mm crotchet hooks?

Very odd. I actually also have a set of wooden knit-pro hooks, but they have really deep hooks, so are not very pleasant to use. 

I decided to crochet a baby cardigan - exciting because I get to practice my crocheting, I need a baby jumper for a not-yet born girl - and I can continue to avoid purling - not something I started on purpose, but I've done almost no purling this year, and I like it!

So I went on e-bay to buy some new needles. Less than ten dollars later, I have needles in every size imaginable, in a case to keep them neat. Now, lets see how the baby cardigan goes!

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