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Once apon a sock - my first time!

I've known about Once Apon A Sock for a while - it's a link up for people to talk about sock knitting, hosted here. Originally you had to email to have your links added, and I was too shy. Since they changed to a linky model, I haven't been knitting socks on the first Thursday of the month. This July I am!

If you've been here before, you'll know how much I love things to match, so, I was thrilled when I had 80 grams of The Wool Kitchen yarn left over from my Boxy. Enough for a pair of socks, a blanket square and more. I hunted through the various sock patterns I have, and revived a long held desire to knit every sock from Cookie A's Sock Innovation. I'm knitting Wanida and it will be my 9th of the 15 patterns. I bought this book when I was in Portland Oregon for the  Sock Summit in 2009. I wasn't a very experienced sock knitter, so I knit the simplest socks first. Cookie A makes even more complicated looking socks simple. I am loving this knit - interesting enough to be interesting, but simple enough to knit in the back seat of a car, while drinking beer (don't judge me :) 


  1. Welcome to Once Upon a Sock! I'm so excited to see you posting :) I have never tried Cookie A's patterns; however I'll have to look them up and see if there's anything that floats my boat. I've got so many socks I want to knit, enough yarn to knit them all, and not enough time to do it all :D I love the colorway you are using. What is it? Inquiring minds and all that!

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy to be joining in. The colourway is Moon Hopping. i bought it at EYF this year, so it feels pretty special.

  2. Ooooh pretty yarn - love the speckles! I’ve knit a ton of Cookie A. patterns. They are all very well written and the resulting socks are usually very nicely fitting.


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