Saturday, April 30, 2011

Package one: Pimp my wheel

The first package of the many I have ordered arrived:
It took four days from America, which was amazingly quick. It's strong, stable and well designed and I didn't have to do anything permenant to my wheel to attach it. And here it is a wheel mounted cup holder:

I'm drinking Sangria that Leon made while I was spinning. I'm always drinking tea, or coffee, or beer or something when I spin. At home it's easy enough to put my wheel next to the coffee table, but this gives me a new level of flexibility. And fun.

I finished the hand dyed merino, and plied it.

It was impossible for me to capture the colour with my little point and click camera. It's actually a sort of pale mint green and a misty grey. It's going to be knit with the pink on the right this for a Taygete shawl.

And I made a pair of mitts for my brother-in-law, because he asked for them.

These were fun, I didn't use a pattern, just winged it. I'm happy with how they came out. That's Leon modelling them for the photo. Tarragon looks rather squashed and uncomfortable, when actually we couldn't get him to move out of the way.

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