Saturday, May 28, 2011

A finished item and a fibre fair

Yesterday I wore my hypernova scarf out for the first time. I love the way it came out after blocking, its drapey and bright and cheerful. I suspect it will be my go-to scarf this winter.
I also caught up with some of the Richmond Knitters at a little fibre fair at Brunswick Town Hall. I bought this:
Some camel / bunny / silk and some Wensleydale, which I am going to spin and then ply together for a shawl for my mothers birthday,which is in November, so no rush on it. I'm particularly excited because I have never spun longwool, or camel, or bunny so playing with these fibres should be a whole new experience.

1 comment:

  1. The scarf looks fabulous, really great colour. I can't believe how quickly you knit it but then you are you! The fibre looks delicious too looking forward to seeing the yarn you make with it.