Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinning for Leon, planning for myself.

To celebrate the beggining of my stay at home and play with fibre ten day holiday, I plied the corriedale singles for Leon's next jumper. They are a three ply, probably about an aran weight. I'm very happy with the results, both because the wool it squooshy and even and lovely and because it is my first spinning project that I have completed from fleece. After I hung this out to dry I immediately started washing some white fleece I have. I am going to dye it green this afternoon - I have a flat inspection this morning and really do not want to explain why I have a dye pot bubbling away on the stove - and ply it with some other stuff and make this jacket: Vinelle. Right now though, I'm off to spin for a shawl, form some lovely grey and dusty pink wool that I dyed this summer.

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