Monday, October 24, 2011

Some spinning

I haven't mentioned my latest spinning project, and I've been working on it for three weeks. I carded together some rather dark EGMTKs purple merino / soy and some wool and rather bright something that has silk in it with some Angelina.

Here's the ingredients:

And here it is after I ran it through the drum carder and then made little fibre nestlets out of it:

It's spinning up nicely, even and fine and smooth, just how I wanted it. I love doing my own fibre prep:

I'm spinning it up lace weight for a Bitterroot shawl. I want to make a size somewhere between the shawlette and the huge shawl. The main problem is I've worked out that if I'm not careful this is what is making my hands hurt - even more than the excessive knitting. So, I've backed the tension right off and am focussing on holding the fibre softly and gently, which seems to be helping. I need to get 180 grams of this spun so I can knit the shawl and wear it to an early February wedding. It sounds like loads of time, but its rapidly approaching. And I'm finding it hard to make time for spinning, what with all obsessively knitting socks.

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  1. Oh it's stunning… maybe I'll need to get a drum carder before a new wheel…