Friday, October 7, 2011

Spindle storage

Until yesterday my spindles lived in a draw. This was not a pretty way to store them, and possibly not the safest way, all jumbled up and messy. It's just, I never intended to have loads of spindles. But I seem to be acquiring them at a steady pace. So yesterday I drilled some holes in the bottom of an Ikea Billy Bookshelf shelf, but in some hooks and, magic: my spindles are safe and on display.


  1. So that's 7 spindles that I can see and how many extra hooks for expansion...? Love this idea - beautiful and practical.

  2. That is super cute (I had no idea there was a collection!). What does Tarragon make of it all?!

  3. Plus there's one not pictured that's at my house!! that's a geat idea!