Thursday, November 7, 2013

Steady progress

I'm chugging away at my bathmat. Having five days off work  - from Friday to Wednesday - was glorious, and I spent quite a lot of time knitting. I saw the osteo on the Friday, and he did something to my left arm and now it hurts even less. In fact, despite the lack of moderation in my knitting, I'm in less pain that I have been since this whole thing started. 
There's not that much that can be said about the bathmat, except that twice TWICE I've turned the corner prior to the spot where the corner is, and only noticed when I finished it, and have had to rip out. Since the short row corners are the only fiddly part of this project, this has been a bit annoying. Other than that its smooth, sailing, or at least as smooth as this gloriously textured handspun will ever be.

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