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Holiday Part Two - Milo

I didn't knit for Monday and Tuesday, I alternately iced and heated my wrist and prayed to get better . On Wednesday all ten of us took a sherrut (like a taxi, but also like a bus) to Jerusalem and I tentatively cast on a pair of socks of Leon - Cookie A's Milo. My hand pulled up perfectly and the (possible) tendinitis did not reoccur. I was worried these socks would be too complex while running around the middle east, but the pattern is actually easier than it looks.

After a week we all went our separate ways, and Leon and I headed for Jordan, where we spent a couple of days in Dana Village before hiking - with our packs, something I haven't done before, to Feynan Eco lodge. This might be the most wondrous place I have stayed. During the day we hiked or did activities. My personal favorite  activity was called "a day with a Bedouin shepherd" and it was exactly that - they sent us out with a genuine goatherd and we scrambled into the highest hills and took the goats to pasture. It was amazing. They spin the goat hair into a fairly course, rough yarn which is then woven and used in tents. 

The only "problem" with the place was that we were out doing stuff during the day and the lodge (aside from the bathrooms) was entirely lit by candles. So romantic and lovely, but not great for knitting.

One hilarious thing was that we got a lift onto our next destination a Bedouin truck. Our packs were in the back of the ute and we stopped at a random flock of sheep and goats. The Bedouins moving the flock put our packs in the car and a sheep in the back! We couldn't work out why, and a few kilometers down the road we dropped the sheep off and kept driving.  

So i was still working on Milo when we got to Petra, and I finished the second sock in the taxi we took back to the border - Jordan being a rather strange country were there were no buses in the afternoon to where we wanted to go, but the taxis were affordable, even for cross country trips.

After a night in Eilat we headed to the Dead Sea, where I took these photos.   


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