Thursday, May 29, 2014

Useful, Useless or simply fun

I finished  the Slankie a couple of days earlier than expected,  and then decided to knit Brenda Dayne's Mrs Beaton. I've been wanting to knit these forever and Stephen West had  given me a taste for seeing how holding different colours play together when knit together. So off I went, threading beads and casting on.

 I really enjoyed knitting these. Of course, I'm not entirely sure what they are for. Not gloves, not mitts, not sleeves, just cuffs. Still I've worn them and they are very cute, and really very warm. This is one of the few times that I was more excited about the process than using the finished product, but I may actually find these a useful item. Even if I don't I had so much fun making these, with the double layers and the beading and the marling two yarns together, that they were definitely worth making.

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