Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting Organised

For a long time, I've been storing my double-point needles and circulars in a red box we brought back from china. It worked quite nicely, but I have a lot of needles, and they not longer fit very well.

Also, despite keeping the needles in the original packets, finding the right ones were a bit of a challenge. Two Mondays ago I showed up at Richmond Knitters and pulled out my DPNs to cast on something new, and discovered that, while I had the packet for my 3mm needles, what was in them was actually 3.5 mm needles. Very frustrating.

While I was there, Sonia mentioned that she had just ordered a circular needle case, and one of the other knitters said that the Namaste needle cases were on special from Knit-Picks. Which now ships to Australia.

I bought the large case. Partly because I have a lot of needles, but mainly because this shade of blue is my current absolute favourite colour for everything. I also took this opportunity to go through my random cube of knitting crap:

Which was mostly taken up by thousands of bamboo double pointed needles that I bought on ebay a very long time ago, and I don't use because I like metal (or carbon fibre) needles. While sorting that out, I found out where all my crotchet hooks have gone and filed them in the needle holder too. So now I feel very clever and super organised.

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