Saturday, June 6, 2015

I finished something else

A couple of weeks ago Elise mentioned that her mother would love  hot water cover. Now I don't normally knit things for the friends / relatives / associates of my knitworthy peeps, but I grew up with Elise. Her mother showed me how to crotchet, and I've knit something for every other member of Elise's family. Except her dad, not I think of it. So the othre day I went to Ballarat for work and whipped up a this cover.

 It's based on "All you need" which is a pattern I have made before. I customised it with colourwork, both because I am loving all things colour work, and I thought a touch of designing would be good for me. And I learnt many things, including that I didn't do the maths very well, and the tips of my triangles have two stitches, so they are not as sharp as I expected. Still I'm happy with how it looks and feels and fits.

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