Friday, June 19, 2015

The joy of making it up myself

The best thing about designing this jumper myself was that I could do things exactly as I like them.And one of the things I like best is knitting in the round. I thought  that might be an issue with the jumper I'm making, because after I swatched I discovered that I wanted cables on a reverse stocking stitch background. I know (from somewhere, although I don't know where, I just know) that its possible to knit reverse stocking stitch inside out in the round: knit all the stitches, and then turn the knitted tube "inside out" to reveal the reverse stocking stitch inside. I didn't know if it would work with cables, but, after thinking about it I couldn't see why not. So I knit the body inside out, cables and all. While I'm sure I didn't invest this, I thought it up myself "unvented" it as Elizabeth Zimmerman might say, and I feel so clever, and also so happy avoiding all that purling, but still getting the same look.

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