Friday, August 21, 2015

Kate Davies wants me to do WHAT?

I knit the colour work tube of Rams and Yowes, and I enjoyed every stitch.

I reenforced and cut the steek:

Then I gently steam blocking it to help it relax. I spent a little while admiring the beautiful effect, and Kate Davies clever design:

And, then, as instructed I picked up squillions of stitches. Although not quite at many as the pattern says, but as many as seemed necessary:

But I am NOT knitting 76 rounds of garter stitch in the round. NO. That means purling thirty thousand stitches. Luckily Fleegle has a tutorial for how to do no-purl garter in the round, because I cannot say no enough to the instructions as written.


  1. I've been wanting to learn to do that, so thanks for the link. Your blanket is fantastic!