Thursday, November 12, 2015

Seven Skeins Club Week Four - Bunnets

This weeks club patterns was a choice of two hats. I really like the stranded one, but I'm going to knit that for Leon's winter set. My intention is to buy more of the yarn, once it's available and knit his the hat and a scarf to match his Pawkies. So that left the stripped hat, for me. 

I decided to rip out my failed mitten, because I love the aqua colour, and wanted to use it, rather than leaving it in a sad, failed mitten. It was a simple, quick knit, quite fun to me doing simple stocking stitch in the round for a change.

Obviously these photos are unblocked, and I don't think a project like this can really be considered done until it is blocked, but I was excited to be finished and wanted to share.

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