Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yarnalong - the one in the rain

I had an hour between finishing work and circus school last night, and it was raining, so I sat under the roof of the convention centre and knit on my Seven Skeins project for this week, which is a slouchy beanie.

While I sat there I listened to Graeme Greene's The End of the Affair. It's kind of sad and kind of slow and I am veering between hating all the characters because they are useless and pitying them because they are so real ... and useless.

I'm reading Ann Lekie's Ancillary Mercy and am just loving it. Well written sci-fi with great characters. It's the third (and last) in the series, so I'm not surprised at how much I am enjoying it.

As always on a Wednesday, I'm playing along with Ginny's yarnalong. Pop over to her blog to see what she, and everyone else, is knitting and reading this week.

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