Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yarnalong- the one where I read like the movies

This week I am reading The Danish Girl, a book about a transgendered person at the beginning of the 20th century. It's quite good, but (at this stage) very gentle. I'm not sure how it will work as a movie.

I'm listening to SPQR:A History a Ancient Rome. I decided to listen to it after a recommendation in The Age, but I'm really not sure I care, even if it is well written, and I'm not even convinced of that, as it seems to rattle around in a thousand year time period, telling seemingly unconnected stories. I'm not all that  far into it, so we will see.

And, as discussed yesterday, I'm knitting and enjoying Kate Davies' Paper Dolls, despite some challenges I foresee for later in the project.

And that's me for this week. Click over to Ginny's Blog to see what she, and the rest of the yarnalong, are up to this week.

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