Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bush holiday

Tomorrow we are heading down Wilson's Prom way, to spend three days kayaking, followed by three days hiking. I've never done any hike in camping, so I am very excited and a little bit anxious. What if I haven't brought enough food? What if I've brought too much stuff and it weights too much? What if I run out of knitting?
In that 40 litre pack is everything I'm going to need for 6 days.
Because one of the important things when planning this trip was what to bring to knit. I'm making Twist pullover in laceweight, and I haven't even cast on yet, so I certainly won't finish it. I've got a small dry bag, to make sure my knitting doesn't get wet, and also so I can clip it to the outside of my pack. I've also got mini book light, so I can shine light downwards, so I can knit after dark, and not bother others with my light.

So, I feel an prepared as I can be for this trip. Food, boots and knitting. I'll let you know how it went when I get back next week.

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