Friday, March 18, 2016

Yarn pattern combination - and some more thoughts on stash

You may have noticed a little something about the sock I'm knitting in the last post and that's that the yarn is just a little bit busy for the pattern I'm knitting.

I knew this from pretty much the beginning of the sock, but I'm persevering because the yarn is so pretty, and I can't see where else I would use it. The thing is, I bought the yarn at the Sock Summit in 2009, and sometime between then and now I stopped knitting plain socks. I'm all about cables, and lace and complexity. I enjoy knitting fancy socks, and I enjoy wearing them. So, while hand dyed yarn is still fine, I now tend to buy semi solid yarn, with the emphasis on the solid.  Six years ago though, I was knitting plainer socks with busier yarn. I'm persevering with  this combination though, even though it is not perfect, because I think the yarn is pretty and should have a chance to be used, and because it was on the bottom of the pile

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