Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dreambird shawl and the wonder that is GERMAN SHORTROWS

The Dreambird pattern is very oddly written, more like how you might describe knitting it to a friend than an actual pattern. I did the first repeat exactly as written, including using fifteen stitch markers, then I realised I would only ever have to count to five and knit the second and subsequent repeats using two stitch markers. Much easier.

But the real revelation here has been German short rows. They are easy to work, invisible and not at all fiddly. I don't know why I've been messing around with wrap and turn, when this simple, neat technique has been there all along. I highly recommend checking them out, such a simple, brilliant change to the way I knit.

This picture above has dozens of short rows. It has short rows within short rows. Basically there are six rows in this picture that aren't short rows. And the turn are invisible. No holes, no wraps to worry about, nothing tricky at all. Here's a closer view:

I know I'n raving about this technique. That's because it is so very, very good. 

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