Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Matchy matchy matchy happyness

After my last post, which I think rather made me sound like I might be about to quit knitting I made a pair of sneaker liners,which made me so happy to be a knitter. I like to wear matchy-matchy clothes when I am working out. I recently wore out my favourite camo Converse. I'm still sad about that. Here's a pair of pictures to remember them by:

I replaced them with a pair of dark purple cons. Then I made a pair of socks to match, out of the yarn I dyed  in February.

The pattern is by a new to me designer Trude Hertaas  who has loads of patterns specifically for short socks, and they all have this sort of perfect pattern - easy to remember, but still interesting to knit. So, a perfect yarn, pattern, shoe match.  Winner.

1 comment:

  1. great socks and shoes... I need to get rid of some that don't make me happy and just get a couple more happy pair..shoes and socks. I only have one pair of hand knit socks...maybe we could make a deal when you have enough..heeheehee