Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another weekend away

This is just a fly by post because I am flat out. We're  flying to the to the Gold Coast this afternoon, partly to get some sunshine, and partly the run the half marathon. After Run the Rock and the Great Ocean Road Half, I'm pretty excited to be doing a flat half marathon.

As always, I wanted the right project to take with me. I've just finished Elise's hat (not blocked yet though) and I decided  to make a cowl for our up coming trip to New Zealand, where it might be quite cold. I chose Ysolda's Pukkleen cowl, because I haven't done any colourwork for ages. 

Normally I like to be well cast on before going through airport security, but this is as far as I've made it:

Hopefully it won't make any difference. I have packed some back up socks, and some back up needles, just in case. I'm nothing if not over prepared - at least on the knitting front, not so much on the run training. 

I'll catch you on the other side of the run, and we'll review whether a colourwork cowl is a good plan for a weekend away.

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