Monday, July 11, 2016

Yarn delivery

Yesterday, when I talked about casting on for Montbreta I showed a picture of the yarn I'm using. I may have implied that I just happened to have the perfect three colours. hanging around, waiting for this project. Well, I had two of them, but three weeks ago I put in an order with Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I bought the white yarn, which has speckles of other colours and sparkles. I love sparkle yarn.

I also bought a jumpers worth of Woobu for a jumper for Leon,

and, while I was shopping a skein of sock yarn in the matching colour. 

It seems a bit silly to be shopping so close to Bendigo, but I love BMFA and haven't bought anything from them for ages. Prior to these purchases my stash was at 15 133 metres, the lowest it's been since I started counting. 

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